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About Artist Art

With the legacy of 50 years, Artist Art is an art emporium for the age old and unique handicrafts and embroidery textiles. Established back in 1972, with the name “Natraj Emporium”, Artist Art reaches the heart of all generations alike, with the essence of vintage and contemporary brought together. Each of our quality handicrafts, when picked, adds feathers to the cap of our artisans, who hold an impeccable experience in handcrafted products.

Our creative team turns every art they imagine or you imagine into masterpieces that adore your home or offices for an eternity. We put high quality materials to use to ensure that every piece shines and reflects sheer elegance right from the corner they are placed for years to come. Not just in India, we harbour a rich clientele across the globe with all our customers valuing the uniqueness and variety we deliver.

Why Buy Handicrafts with Artist Art ?

Artist Art brings together the complete range of wooden artefacts, furniture, metal artefacts, god statues and fine handwork on textiles. More than this, Artist Art is:

  • One stop shop for all the excellent quality handicrafts.
  • An experience of more than 4 decades
  • Customizable Handicrafts for utmost personalization
  • Empowering a large group of artists and craftspeople native to rural as well as urban regions inside the country.